It’s a Biscuit, It’s a Triscuit, It’s Prescott!

August 30th, 2010

The meanest pie I ever laid eyes on...

This post isn’t about Portland — it’s about Portland people enjoying food and drink somewhere beyond Portland. Earlier in the summer my boyfriend and I and our friends Loly and Faulkner went to our friends’ Jude and Colleen’s wedding in Prescott, Arizona. It was such a great long weekend and wedding and some good eats were had by all. Consider this a post about wider eats — a photographic tale from Portland to Prescott…

First respite of the trip on the way from the airport in Phoenix to Prescott.

Deep fried hot dog. Need I say more?

Old school club with cottage cheese.

I love where we stayed. Look them up...

We drank at fine saloons such as this on Whiskey Row...

And this...The Raven Cafe. Our favorite Prescott place.

Cheers Prescott! Hope to see you again real soon.

Our favorite spots in Prescott, Arizona…

The Motor Lodge

The Raven Cafe

Homemade Plum Wine

August 26th, 2010

This homemade plum wine is better than our cherry wine.

Making fruit wine has quickly become one of my favorite summer things. I initially got into it via dandelion wine — my gateway home hooch. Next up was hard cider (although not a wine it’s a home fermented beverage that’s similar to DIY wine) and this summer I got to bottle both my first attempts at homemade cherry wine and now plum wine.

I made the plum wine with Sandor Ellix Katz’s recipe (check out my abdriged version of that here) last summer with some of our sideyard plums and it’s been sitting pretty in the utility room ever since. After the initial ferment in a food-grade bucket I funneled it into a three-gallon glass carboy. A few months later I racked it but other than that it’s just been doing its thing. Until I bottled it this weekend that is.

***Just so you know I’ve been using about half the called for sugar when the fruit is good and sweet and the wine has been tasty.***

I thought it would be good but I had no idea it’d be this freaking good. It’s tart, dry and tastes like a perfect plum. Except better. And alcoholic. We’re not sure what kind of plums they are but they look like these cherry plums.

Everything that makes these plums not so great as fresh eating plums — small fruit to pit ratio, very sour and slightly bitter skin, not so sweet flesh — makes them perfect for wine. Most of the sugar and sweetness is fermented off and the sour and bitter of the skin adds character and body.

This year is the first year that our front yard Brooks Plum is significantly fruiting — we planted it three years ago — so I started a batch of plum wine this week out of those. I’ll be sure to let you know how that is about this time next year.

All you need is a two gallons of plums to make 10-plus bottles of tasty plum wine. What are you waiting for?

Plum wine -- straight from the vine!

Who Did I Miss?

August 23rd, 2010

Please point me in the right direction?

I know that there are a lot of worthy people, businesses and organizations that unfortunately didn’t make it into Food Lover’s Guide to Portland whether they opened too late to be included, didn’t fit nicely into any chapter, or were just plain overlooked.

I’ve been keeping a list and when it comes to working on the second edition I’ll be checking that list more than twice. In the meantime, I’d love your input on spots that you wish were included. I’ll get you started with just a handful from the list that I’ve got going. Thanks in advance for any and all feedback!

Urban Farm Collective

Portland Meat Collective
Homebrew Exchange
Fred Carlo Sausage
Fifty Licks Ice Cream
Mr. Green Beans
Coalition Brewing
Cellar Door Wine Shop
Oblique Coffee Roasters
Heart Roasters
Breakside Brewery
Lovejoy Bakers
Florio Bakery and Cafe

Where Fine Books Are Sold

August 18th, 2010

Some people still buy books...

Now that my book has been out for more than a month I figure it’s about time I post a list of spots where you can actually buy it. It’s available in many more places locally and nationally than I’ve included below because most bookstores and a lot of shops go through book distributors and I don’t have that info.

What I do have is a list of spots that Sasquatch Books has sold directly to as of this week and it’s pretty impressive. So, if you don’t have a copy of the book or want to get one for someone here are some of the places in Portland and beyond that you can do that.

P.S. If you want to purchase copies for retail please call Sasquatch Books at 800.775.0817.

In Portland:

Powell’s Books
New Seasons Market
In Good Taste
AAA Travel Store Downtown Portland
Barnes & Noble
Ink & Peat
Annie Bloom’s Books
Broadway Books
Urban Farm Store
McMenamins’ Edgefield
Elephants Delicatessen
Presents of Mind
Stella’s on 21st
Martinotti’s Cafe & Deli
Portland State Bookstore


Third Street Books (McMinnville)
Omnivore Books on Food (San Francisco)
Queen Anne Books (Seattle)
University Bookstore ( UW Seattle)
Waucoma Bookstore (Hood River)
Pear Delicatessen & Shoppe (Seattle)
Elliott Bay Book Company (Seattle)
Ketchum Kitchens (Ketchum, Idaho)

Pioneer Square Farmers Market

August 16th, 2010

A booth with a view...

I had such a great time late July at the Pioneer Courthouse Square Farmers Market. It was my first time getting over there since I’m usually at work while it’s on. It’s a glass slipper of a farmers market — fits perfectly in the space. It’s my one of my newest favorites. Here’s why…

A few minutes before they rang the start bell at Pioneer Courthouse Square Farmers Market.

Currants and gooseberries still going strong.

End of July was all about peaches...

Young onions perfect for the grill.

Good looking beets.

And my guide to the goods. Thanks Pioneer Courthouse Square Farmers Market!

Pioneer Courthouse Square Farmers Market

Mondays 10am-2pm
June 21-October 25
Between SW Broadway and SW 6th and SW Morrison and SW Yamhill

Yard Fresh Pt. 6

August 12th, 2010

Thought I’d post a roundup of good eats — just a mishmash of good food we’ve made at home. It’s been a busy few months but we’ve still managed to cook up some tasty food….

Grilled scallions and radish with homemade hazelnut romesco.

White Pine pancakes with maple syrup. Mmmm.

Went camping on the Clackamas and our camp neighbors gave us some of their homemade carne asada!

Homemade pesto pasta with snap peas from the front yard and chorizo.

More potato tacos because these lovely friends brought homegrown spuds.

This year's mostly softneck garlic harvest.

Yard Fresh Pt. 5

Yard Fresh Pt. 4
Yard Fresh Pt. 3
Yard Fresh Pt. 2
Yard Fresh Pt. 1

Book Events

August 9th, 2010

All work and no play makes Liz a...freak. Actually it makes me hightail it to Oaks Park with my good friends.

The past several weeks have been a little nutty but the best kind of nutty — extra special hazelnut butter nutty — because of the book. I’ve done so many book events now some of them are blending into one another in my memory. I think because of that that it’s high time I post about them.

Oh, and another good reason for this post is that there’s a great event taking place tomorrow night — Tuesday, August 10th — that I want to tell you about. Friends of Family Farmers has found a new monthly InFARMation space at Holocene. FOFF was hosting this monthly PDX agricultural event at Roots Brewing Co. but they closed shop (so sad) and now FOFF is now hosting its InFARMations every second Tuesday of the month at Holocene. Read more about InFARMation here.

I’ll be at InFARMation tomorrow night — Tuesday, August 10th — sitting at the back selling my book and talking with folks from 6:30pm-8:30pm. This month’s InFARMation is all about the Eater’s Bill of Rights. InFARMations are free and run from 5:30-8:30pm (talk/presentations from 6:30-8pm) with food and drink for purchase. Should be great. Stop by if you can.

Since July 1st here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to with book events that I haven’t already written about…

This year’s Mississippi Ave. Street Fair was a great time…

I got to hang out all day with this fine fellow -- Paul Gerald -- at the Mississippi Ave. St. Fair. Paul is author of a bunch of books that I love and his booth is Stumptown Scribes.

Paul's hiking and camping books along with my food/drink book are a good mix. He's working on the second edition of Breakfast in Bridgetown at the moment.

They expected 30,000-plus at Miss. Ave. St. Fair -- think they got it.

Overlook Village Celebration was fun too…

Stumping it with Stumptown Scribes and Paul Gerald at the Overlook Village Celebration.

The Powell’s book event with Nick Zukin, Sarah Hart, Steve Jones and John Cleary was a dream come true…

Doesn't get better than a book event at Powell's...

(L-R) John Cleary, Sarah Hart, Me, Steve Jones, Nick Zukin at Powell's.

Full house at Powell's City of Books Food Lover's Guide to Portland book event.

Thank you to everyone who’s made these events so special!

Edible Wild Plants by John Kallas

August 4th, 2010

The first of more to come from John Kallas.

So much has happened since my last post. Most importantly Monday night was the Food Lover’s Guide to Portland book event at Powell’s with Nick Zukin, Sarah Hart, Steve Jones and John Cleary. It was fantastic even though I choked a bit at the beginning from nerves and emotion. I know now that it’s possible to almost cry out of happiness and fear at the same time. I didn’t but was right on the verge. Thanks to everyone who came out. It was a wild, weird and perfectly wangy (had to be there) Portland food time and I loved every second of it. Except maybe the five seconds that I just told you about. Nah, I even loved those. I’ll put up some photos from that here soon.

Another big recent event for me was my book launch party on July 1st. One special someone who showed up was local John Kallas — author of Edible Wild Plants: Wild Foods from Dirt to Plate. He had fun at my party and two days later I had a good time at his book launch party. John opened up the backyard of his North Portland home and all sorts of people showed up to celebrate and buy the book and also check out the wild edibles in John’s backyard. Over the years I’ve taken a lot of John’s workshops and I’m a big fan. I can’t wait to spend more time with his new book. Here are some snapshots from the party…

((If you’re at The Bite of Oregon this weekend come by and say “Hi” to me on Saturday from 1-3pm. I’ll be at a table near the chef stage signing books.))

John Kallas signing books at his book launch party for Edible Wild Plants.

Gather 'round foragers...

Super sweet edible wild columbine in John's backyard.

Wild mustard and other wild greens in John's backyard.

Edible Wild Plants: Wild Foods from Dirt to Plate
by John Kallas
2010, Gibbs Smith Publisher
Paperback $24.99