Yard Fresh Pt. 9

January 27th, 2011

Pickled golden beets.

I want to share what I’ve been cooking lately because in upcoming weeks we’re planning to do some work on our kitchen (not a complete overhaul but drywall, paint and lighting are all in the mix) and that means I won’t be able to cook as much at home. Don’t feel sorry for me though because this is some of the tasty stuff I’ve been happily eating lately…

Racked homemade dandelion and plum wines.

Beet green and artichoke heart curry with rice.

Belize-style cooked carrot, onion, garlic, lime hot sauce with my friend Craig's cayennes.

Newman's Fish smoked trout scramble with cream cheese and cilantro.

Sweet and salty pickled beets.

Pickled beet and pastrami sandwich with cream cheese and whole grain mustard on Marsee English muffin loaf.

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2 Responses to “Yard Fresh Pt. 9”

  1. caroline Says:

    Everything looks amazing!! Liz, I am coming up to Portland in three weeks and would love to interview you, and really just get inspired. Would you be interested?? Email me and I will explain more. I bought your book last July when my husband and I made our first trip to Portland … it was fantastic. I hope all is well! And, cheers!

  2. Liz Crain Says:

    Thanks Caroline! That sounds great. I’ll email you about it. Talk soon.

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