Yard Fresh Pt. 12

May 23rd, 2011

Spanish rice and beans with basted egg and bacon.

Beet salad with lemon and olive oil and a salame cheddar sandwich.

Beet salad inspired by Evoe's with a creamy Dijon vinaigrette tossed with herbs from garden and green leaf.

Janie Hibler's Elk Pot Stew (with mince rather than stew meat) from her book Wild About Game made with elk that our neighbor hunted. Lots of cinnamon, ginger and chile. Mmmm.

Elk pot stew with rice and egg for breakfast the next morning.

Bacon chive and cream cheese scramble with potato hash.

Beet and nettle risotto tostada, kale with lemon and Zenner's red hot.

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2 Responses to “Yard Fresh Pt. 12”

  1. caroline Says:

    All of this looks delicious!!!

  2. Liz Crain Says:

    Thanks Caroline! I should have written something to go with this one but sometimes the photos say enough. Arugula and spinach are both coming on strong in the garden now, sweet peas to follow! Hope you’re eating well too.

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