Yard Fresh Pt. 13

July 18th, 2011

Baked this Saveur Magazine strawberry pie with Hood strawberries from the front yard, lemon zest and juice.

I always like these blog posts but when the garden is kicking in they’re even more fun. Lately we’ve been eating a lot of spinach, arugula, Hood strawberries, honeyberries, blueberries, sugar snap peas, nettles and fresh herbs from the front and back yard. In my front yard herb garden I have rosemary, thyme, lavender, sage, bay, mint, lemon balm, peppermint, fennel, chives, thyme, valerian and chamomile. I use the first five year-round and the remaining from spring through early to mid winter.

Coming in now we’ve got tomato plants searching out the sun, all kinds of beans and pickling cucumbers gaining ground, garlic curing, asparagus going uneaten so the root system gets bigger and better for next year, rhubarb thickening, blueberries ripening and seedlings trying to scare up some more sunshine. So there’s a lot more good food to come.

If you have a garden, how’s it growing? Any new edibles you’ve got in the ground or are planning to cultivate this year? If you don’t have a garden what early season eats have you been enjoying?

Pickled this asparagus that a neighbor gave us for my boyfriend's Grizzly Tattoo shop opening party in early June. It went fast.

Everything in this arugula, ribboned fresh herbs (including oregano, mint, lemon balm, fennel, chives) and chive blossom salad was from the front yard except the toasted hazelnuts. Dressed it with a Jorinji Miso, lemon vinaigrette. Look forward to this every year.

Made potato tacos in the evening and the next morn used the filling for this tostada topped with a sunny side up egg.

Look forward to making this every year too -- hazelnuty arugula pesto with lots of lemon juice, parm, garlic and olive oil.

Pesto and tapenade spaghetti topped with parm.

Straight up Hood strawberries and honeyberries from the garden.

Mustardy tuna salad sandwich with homemade cornichons.

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4 Responses to “Yard Fresh Pt. 13”

  1. Jaime Says:

    This morning I had an egg + yard greens + toast. I’ve also made some parsley/sunflower seed/garlic pesto from yard fixin’s.

    Damn that asparagus looks good. And that salad. Now I’m hungry again.

  2. Liz Crain Says:

    Yum! Have to admit I’ve never cooked/eaten our sunflower seeds — always just hang them for the birds. Sunflower seed/parsley/garlic pesto sounds awesome. I’m going to make that! We’re done with greens until the flashy troutback lettuce (love the name) gets bigger. Lots of arugula and spinach in past few weeks but all done now. Love your blueberry tattoo!

  3. Terry Says:

    Mmmm… lots of good eye candy here, Liz. The arugula pesto captures my fancy! Delicious verdant colour.

  4. Liz Crain Says:

    Thanks Terry! I always look forward to arugula in the garden so I can make big batches of it. Love it. Just pulled up the garlic this morning so will have all sorts of other good pestos in upcoming weeks too! Happy cooking!

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