Yard Fresh Pt. 14

August 15th, 2011

This old stand-up juicer is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. 20 limes for sailboat margaritas!

Even though the garden isn’t exactly fruiting at full potential this summer (not a great spring and early summer, sun-starved seedlings had a rough start) we’re still eating a lot of tasty, fresh, homegrown and friend-and-neighbor grown foods these days.

The berries and greens have been great this year — especially the blueberries — so lots of pies, aguas frescas and salads. Right now the cucumbers and green beans are kicking in so over the weekend our house smelled like a pickle factory — dill, garlic, spices, and vinegar brine. I love the smell of spicy dills cooling in jars on the kitchen counter.

I’m sad that Limbo has closed (very sad, one of my favorite Portland produce shops, not to mention the herbs and spices…) but to fill the gap I’ve been going to Kruger’s Farm Market on Southeast Hawthorne and Cherry Sprout Produce in North Portland a lot lately to supplement our less than usual home fruit and veggies. And then, of course, there are all of the farmers markets which are going strong now.

I hope you’ve been eating lots of great fruit and veggies lately. Any new ones or old favorites you’ve been enjoying?

On the N/A side made this yummy strawberry lime juice with Hood strawberries from the front yard.

Perfectly delicious on their own too...

Seem to always make a lot of migas in the summer. This one with refried beans and cheddar.

Egg sandwich with parm and tapenade with lots of herbs from the yard was delicious.

Vij chicken curry over basmati with a little raita to cool us off.

Eat a lot of ramen at my writing studio because only have a hotpot here. Added sauteed chard and onion to this one. So much better.

Lots of arugula this spring and summer. Salad of it with miso lime dressing and pickled onions over tapenade rice.

Another yummy breakfast with toasted corn tortilla, potatoes and chorizo.

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