Yard Fresh Pt. 16

October 31st, 2011

I wonder how many gallon-sized deli jars of spicy garlic dills I've made over the years. Too many to count...

I made some of these foods weeks ago but there’s been so much to post about here — mainly the third annual Portland Fermentation Festival — that I haven’t gotten around to posting photos until now.

We’ve been eating well and appreciating all the good things that have come from the garden in recent weeks. Next up from the garden — beets and carrots. This weekend I planted my garlic. I’ll probably put in more this week. We eat a lot of garlic and it’s so easy to grow…

Our neighboor gave us this side of chinook and it was so good. Smothered it in olive oil with some salt and pepper and put it skin-side down on the grill with lemons on top. Delicious.

Didn't eat all of it so made a nice and simple chowder with it the next night.

I make hot sauces and salsas all summer long and well into fall. This hot sauce had poblanos, jalapenos, tomatoes, onion and lots of garlic. Powerful stuff.

Used a little of that hot sauce with this potato poblano andouille hash with eggs.

What our daily take from the garden looked like for much of September.

Tuna sandwich with tomatoes and lemon cukes on sourdough.

The chicken and the egg -- chicken curry and rice with egg. Sounds strange but it was really good.

These are all up now for the fall garden. Hello fall, you came too early but it's still nice to see you.

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Portland Fermentation Festival 2011 Redux

October 21st, 2011

Matt Choi serving up his spicy, crunchy, awesome kimchi.

What an amazing event and turnout! Yes, we know that many of you got stuck in the long line last night that snaked down the stairs, out the building, and around the block but we hope with all hope that you stuck it out and found that the wait and the crush was worth it. We put Portland Fermentation Festival together every year with a shoestring budget + heaps of volunteered hours and we’re so grateful that Ecotrust puts up with us every stinking (literally) year. Thank you again Ecotrust! We love you.

But yes, we do hear you, it was too crowded and the line was too long this year. We’ll problem solve and come back in briny style next year for 4.0. Thank you so much to everyone who exhibited, volunteered and attended! Portland Fermentation Festival is an annual love letter to our fair city. True blue Portland spirit fuels it and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks again to everyone who was a part.

If you’d like to keep up with local fermenty goings-on please check out our website, Facebook and Twitter. This year we had a very generous serving of media attention. Here’s a slice of that coverage if you didn’t get enough firsthand last night…

Willamette Week
Portland Tribune
Portland Farmers Market

I was able to take a good amount of photos at the festival last night before we opened the doors as well as after…

Erica Fayrie's as good as it looks sauerkraut with beets.

Eva Sippl's Eva's yummy Herbucha in the house.

Lynne Van Dusen's Vine to Brine lacto-fermented sodas. Really tasty.

Festival co-organizer Mr. David Barber of Picklopolis aka King of Brine! Ghost pickles! Ah!

Peg Butler and posse serving up krautini (fermented cabbage tonic), fermented garlic, sour dills and sourdough rye. Yum!

Galen Williams and Pete Mulligan's delicious hard cider.

Biwa chef-owner Gabe Rosen and Kina Voelz serving up Biwa's hurts so good spicy daikon kimchi.

Earnest and Sumiko Migaki of Jorninji Miso cooking up a stockpot of their amazing miso, and sampling miso sauce and amazake made with their own koji.

Allen Field rocking his spicy kimchi and Turkish sauerkraut.

Nat and Sarah West sampling tart and tasty hard cider. Ridiculously good.

Anna Stulz with more fiery good kimchi.

And then the doors opened and the crowd moved in...

Courtlandt Jennings' Pickled Planet with all sorts of big, briny goodness.

Curious Farm's Cathy Smith serving up leek horseradish kraut, fermented chili sauce and more.

And the crowd kept growing...

Hank Tallman's Mama Hank's Pickled Veg. The spicy fermented green tomatoes were kick-ass good.

The line wrapped around the staircase out the door of Ecotrust and around the block within twenty minutes. We knew that the festival was going to be big this year but we didn't realize it'd be this big. Wow.

The lovely Kate Patterson sampling her festival favorite-- fermented salmon. Mmmm.

Festival organizers David Picklopolis Barber, me, and Mr. George dapper foodist Winborn right before the doors closed at 8pm.

One of the better looking cleanup crews in town! Good night and good luck.

Thanks to everyone who made the third annual Portland Fermentation Festival happen! We love you.

Portland Fermentation Festival 2011 — This Thursday!

October 17th, 2011

This Thurdsay!

This Thursday night is the Third Annual Portland Fermentation Festival and we really hope that you’re either participating as an exhibitor or volunteer or planning on attending to sample all of the awesome homemade food ferments that will be available! It’s going to be delicious and so much fun. It always is…

Here’s some coverage that we’ve gotten already for this year’s event:
Portland Tribune story
Portland Farmers Market video

And just so you know, even if you aren’t signed up as an exhibitor please feel free to bring any homemade food ferments, cultures, recipes, info. etc. to share with others on the fly. This event is very unique in that it’s a no sale/no buy, skill-sharing night. (Check out last year’s Portland Fermentation Festival.) In other words, you pay your $5 to get in and then it’s all about interacting, trying tasty things and hopefully learning enough to make them yourself. It really is unique and we’re proud that Portland Fermentation Festival so accessible and fun for all ages without any corporate ties.

Come out and see for yourself — find out what’s stinkiest and tastiest this year! See you Thursday I hope.

Third Annual Portland Fermentation Festival
Open to the public, all ages

When: Thursday, October 20th 6-8pm
Where: Ecotrust’s Billy Frank Jr. Conference Center on the second floor, 721 NW 9th Ave., #200, Portland, OR
What: Sample and learn about all sorts of food and drink ferments
Cost: $5 at the door
Twitter @PDXFermentFest
Facebook Portland Fermentation Festival

Yard Fresh Pt. 15

October 10th, 2011

Homemade marinated asada tacos with our salsa and a warm beet salad. Perfect summer meal.

I love to cook and I love to garden and both come together daily for me in the summer and fall. There are seasonal staples that I’m always making — spicy garlic dills, fried pickles, blackened salsa, hot sauce, potato tacos, arugula pesto, gravlax — and then there are the new things like our first attempt at carne asada above.

For the fall garden I’ve got carrots and beets about to be harvested and arugula and radishes gaining ground so plenty more good eats ahead. Hope you’ve been cooking and eating good things too.

The salad deserves its own photo. Chopped boiled beets in a creamy lime vinaigrette with dill. Loved it.

Can never get enough summer artichokes. Had these with drawn lime butter.

Rogue Smoky Blue carbonara with toasted hazelnuts.

One of our favorite summer sandwiches -- warmed sourdough with salted tomato and mayo. Keep it simple.

Watermelon, canteloupe, lime juice. Miss this.

This year's garlic is done curing so we'll be using it in lots of things in upcoming weeks. Wish I'd planted more this year...

This is what my colander looked like most evenings through September. Lemon cukes, pickling cukes and pole and bush beans. AKA lots of pickles.

Homemade gravlax and pickles for our friends' campout wedding in Washington.

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Wordstock 2011

October 3rd, 2011

From left to right: Kelly Clarke, Charles Heying and I on a panel about food and craft at last year's 2010 Wordstock. Looking forward to being on a panel this year too -- Saturday's Every Book is a Start-up.

I look forward to Wordstock every year. In fact, I wrote about just that recently. Jeff Baker, book editor for The Oregonian, asked me to write 150 words on what Wordstock means to me and I did along with Nancy Rommelmann, David Biespiel, Justin Hocking and many others for last Friday’s A&E cover story. (If you can find the story online please let me know. I have a hard copy but would love to link to it here…)

This year I’ll be speaking on a panel on Saturday at 2pm on the Wordstock Community Stage titled — Every Book is a Start-up with Jen Stevenson and Kelley Roy moderated by Todd Sattersten. The focus of the panel: “Learn from author-preneurs who found unconventional methods to launching their books about Portland’s food scene.”

Throughout Saturday and Sunday I’ll also be tabling at the Hawthorne Books table at the Book Fair. I’ve been an editor at Hawthorne since summer of 2009 and always look forward to Wordstock because a lot of our authors come and visit and sign books so we get to catch up and I also get to meet all sorts of folks while tabling, paneling, attending readings and wandering the fluorescent lit convention center halls. This is one of the few events worth braving that kind of lighting for. I hope to see you this coming weekend! Counting the days…

October 8-9