Yard Fresh Pt. 15

October 10th, 2011

Homemade marinated asada tacos with our salsa and a warm beet salad. Perfect summer meal.

I love to cook and I love to garden and both come together daily for me in the summer and fall. There are seasonal staples that I’m always making — spicy garlic dills, fried pickles, blackened salsa, hot sauce, potato tacos, arugula pesto, gravlax — and then there are the new things like our first attempt at carne asada above.

For the fall garden I’ve got carrots and beets about to be harvested and arugula and radishes gaining ground so plenty more good eats ahead. Hope you’ve been cooking and eating good things too.

The salad deserves its own photo. Chopped boiled beets in a creamy lime vinaigrette with dill. Loved it.

Can never get enough summer artichokes. Had these with drawn lime butter.

Rogue Smoky Blue carbonara with toasted hazelnuts.

One of our favorite summer sandwiches -- warmed sourdough with salted tomato and mayo. Keep it simple.

Watermelon, canteloupe, lime juice. Miss this.

This year's garlic is done curing so we'll be using it in lots of things in upcoming weeks. Wish I'd planted more this year...

This is what my colander looked like most evenings through September. Lemon cukes, pickling cukes and pole and bush beans. AKA lots of pickles.

Homemade gravlax and pickles for our friends' campout wedding in Washington.

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