Yard Fresh Pt. 16

October 31st, 2011

I wonder how many gallon-sized deli jars of spicy garlic dills I've made over the years. Too many to count...

I made some of these foods weeks ago but there’s been so much to post about here — mainly the third annual Portland Fermentation Festival — that I haven’t gotten around to posting photos until now.

We’ve been eating well and appreciating all the good things that have come from the garden in recent weeks. Next up from the garden — beets and carrots. This weekend I planted my garlic. I’ll probably put in more this week. We eat a lot of garlic and it’s so easy to grow…

Our neighboor gave us this side of chinook and it was so good. Smothered it in olive oil with some salt and pepper and put it skin-side down on the grill with lemons on top. Delicious.

Didn't eat all of it so made a nice and simple chowder with it the next night.

I make hot sauces and salsas all summer long and well into fall. This hot sauce had poblanos, jalapenos, tomatoes, onion and lots of garlic. Powerful stuff.

Used a little of that hot sauce with this potato poblano andouille hash with eggs.

What our daily take from the garden looked like for much of September.

Tuna sandwich with tomatoes and lemon cukes on sourdough.

The chicken and the egg -- chicken curry and rice with egg. Sounds strange but it was really good.

These are all up now for the fall garden. Hello fall, you came too early but it's still nice to see you.

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