Yard Fresh Pt. 17

November 21st, 2011

Spicy minced elk over turmeric rice with slow cooked green beans.

We’ve been building a lot of fires in the wood stove and staying in more often in the evenings now that that weather has turned. I love it. We warm one part of the house with the wood stove and another with the oven and stovetop. Life is good. Here’s what we’ve been cooking and eating lately. Happy almost Thanksgiving!

Slow cooked green beans take two over homemade salsa rice with boiled/dressed beets.

I got our Concord grape vine from the RIP Recycled Garden Center (I think that was the name...) a couple years ago and this year was our first substantial harvest. We ate them all straight-up because they're so tasty as is.

The last batches of hot sauce and salsa of the season. Long gone now. One of my favorite summer and early fall eats.

Eggs and rice with the salsa and hot sauce from above. We've cooked a lot of rice with that salsa lately and it's really good.

Reuben with corned beef on sourdough (shhh, don't tell) with homemade spicy garlic lemon cuke pickles.

My first time growing carrots was a success! I planted these Nantes Sweets in late July and have kept them in the ground eating several at a time for weeks. Sweet, crunchy and delicious.

Roasted chicken thighs seasoned with smoky paprika, salt and pepper and brussels roasted in the pan juices. Quick. easy and super good.

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