Yard Fresh Pt. 19

February 6th, 2012

One of our best skillet breakfasts to date -- pulled pork, cheddar, onion and eggs.

We’ve gotten a lot of good news in the past few weeks — one of the biggest causes for celebration being McSweeney’s picking up the Toro Bravo Cookbook that I’m writing with John Gorham, with photography by David Lanthan Reamer and illustrations by Tyler Adams! (We’re busy working on it now and it comes out in fall 2013.) With all of that celebrating comes a certain number of meals out and cava corks popped.

Still, we’ve made some tasty food at home as always and below is some of what we’ve been cooking. Hope that you’re doing well and eating well too. Please chime in with anything you’ve cooked lately that you’ve loved.

This was our first meal with the spicy pulled pork that I recently made -- straight up on a bun with spicy garlic dills.

Then we had it over turmeric rice and that was great for all of the sauce.

This Meyer lemon miso pasta with hazelnuts, carrots and cilantro was really fresh and tasty.

And so was this saute of turkey and brussels sprouts with a light gravy over rice.

We make this sort of a snack platter a lot in the winter -- cheese breads with grated onion, homemade pickled beets and honeycrisp apple.

Dungeness drizzled in Meyer lemon butter on a soft Viet-French baguette with mayo and Sriracha. So fucking good.

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