Yard Fresh Pt. 21

April 9th, 2012

Tyler packed me lunch the other day and it made me very happy...

Things are starting to get going in the garden — right now I have tah-tsai (which I thought was a new green for me but it’s actually another way to say tatsoi — funny), flashy trout’s back lettuce and borage are all sprouting and we’ve been eating some volunteer arugula as well. The rhubarb is getting very big and leafy and the snap peas have finally sprouted! The garlic is looking great although it still has a few months of growing — I usually pick it in June or July. And I have all the vegetable seeds I’m going to plant this spring and summer and will probably start my indoor seed trays in a week or so to be transplanted out in several weeks.

That’s all just a long-winded way of saying happy spring! Although not very much of the food photographed in this post came from the garden I still call it Yard Fresh as a catch-all for good things that I’ve been cooking and eating lately. Hope you are doing well. Growing anything interesting this season? Eat anything tasty lately?

Loved the art on the bag and the sandwich inside it. Simple ham sammy with seeded wheat hit the spot.

The only thing really going in the yard right now that's ready to eat is the arugula that volunteered so we've been having a lot of salads with it and throwing it in scrambles and sandwiches.

I love Edelweiss Sausage & Delicatessen and their oregano-coated Nuremberger is one of my favorites. I sauteed it and served it with potatoes and kale with lemon butter. Really good.

And I can't make a trip to Edelweiss without getting some of their paprika loaf thinly sliced. If you haven't had it then please do yourself a favor and go buy some. You won't be disappointed.

My favorite way to eat it is stacked on lightly toasted bread with mayonnaise and sometimes slivered onion. That's it -- keep it simple.

Simple broiled cheese bread with egg. Mixed mozzarella, onion and mayonnaise for the cheese sauce.

Another tasty, savory breakfast -- this time with leftover spaghetti in red sauce.

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