Yard Fresh Pt. 22

July 2nd, 2012

Deviled eggs with minced pickle, onion, herbs and chive blossoms.

I’ve got my tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, pole and bush beans, chiles (thanks to my friend Anthony!) and greens going and now all that’s left is basil and probably some more tomato starts. So far we’ve had a lot of Hood strawberries, snap peas and greens from the garden — tatsoi, flashy trout’s back lettuce and a lot of arugula.

I’ve harvested a quarter of the garlic and the fruit trees, cranberry bush and grape vines are loaded with fruit. I think there’s going to be a lot of nice wine this year. The blueberries, on the other hand, have next to no fruit. I’ve bottled 40 bottles of plum/cherry wine from last year and if most of this already thinned fruit sets we might be looking at double that for next. I’m looking forward to using this book once we have more food coming in from the garden.

The meal that we’ve been enjoying together the most lately has been breakfast and I think that’s because it’s been so busy. It’s quick and easy and we usually leave the house around the same time. So, lots of breakfast foods in this post. I’m looking forward to upcoming weeks when the garden is growing generously and we can eat more from it…

We've been doing a lot of recipe testing for the Toro Bravo Cookbook and we had leftover avocado salad from that so made it into a tasty scramble over toast.

Straight-up grilled burgers with cheddar, onion and bacon on ciabatta rolls.

Ham, egg and homemade arugula pesto on toast.

Potato taco mash-up with salsa verde, cilantro, lots of lime and sour cream.

We were at the bar one night and a girl had a big bag filled with asparagus that she was giving away. Her friend is starting an asparagus cooperative and she's been helping him get the word out. I grilled it up in a miso vinaigrette and it was really tasty.

It's not all that pretty but made this lemony, mustard seed chicken salad with leftover pieces from a roasted chicken and it was really good.

More Toro Bravo Cookbook leftovers -- took some leftover salsa verde from recipe testing and scrambled it with ham and brie.

Potato, sauteed chile and egg mash. Another case of the not-so-pretty but very tasty.

Future food!

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