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October 29th, 2012

Comment here for the chance to win two $25 gift certificates to Portland's Cocotte!

Have you checked out this year’s Willamette Week Restaurant Guide that came out last week? I look forward to it every year. Partly, because I always get to review restaurants for it but also because it’s a great compass for Portland dining and always makes me hungry to try more places.

This year I wrote three reviews for the guide — Ocean City, Bamboo Sushi and Cocotte. I’d never been to Cocotte and loved it and think you might too. Here’s a bit of what I wrote:

“For all of the complaints that Portland doesn’t do seafood right beyond a few sushi spots, let’s have a drum roll for Cocotte. This pretty little corner bistro on Northeast 30th Avenue’s restaurant row (neighbored by Beast, Yakuza, Autentica and DOC) is all about small plates and entrees from le mer. The smoked salmon salad over a fallen potato soufflé with tarragon aioli is topped with farm-fresh greens, moist and not too smoky salmon, and slivers of radish in a lemony shallot vinaigrette. It’s perfect…”

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Cocotte’s co-chef/owner, Kat LeSueur, sent me two $25 gift certificates for a blog contest so I’ve chosen a lucky number and that numbered commenter gets both gift certificates. This is what I’d like you to comment about here — what’s one of your favorite dishes to prepare solo at home when the days get shorter? When the weather gets cold a lot of times we tend to want to make big pots of stews and soups and braises — enough to feed a small army. What’s a smaller dish — just for you — that you love cook in the fall and winter?

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15 Responses to “Cocotte Contest”

  1. Paul Gerald Says:

    Acorn squash! I bake it in water to soften it up, then fill the cavity with some combination of butter, brown sugar and maple syrup (or molasses, or sorghum …) and put it under the broiler for a few minutes. Yum-ola!

  2. burgerdogboy Says:

    Two fave comfort foods for winter for me! A rich, thick cassoulet, or a meaty tomato pasta goulash!

  3. Kirsten Haberer Says:

    Quinoa with pistachios and sweet potatoes. You can make this dish for several people or just one person. Super delicious and warm!

  4. AlisonM Says:

    I am a big fan of roasted Sweet Potatoes and lately I have been turning them into Twice Baked potatoes with brussel sprouts, blue cheese and caramelized onions. Sometimes I also add bacon or cooked chicken. They freeze really well too!

  5. Veronica Says:

    I go a little butternut squash crazy in the autumn and winter. My standby is to roast it with just a little olive oil and salt and toss it with sage and maybe some goat cheese and have it with pasta — or just eat it by the bowlful. Any leftovers (leftover butternut squash? is that possible?) can be pureed into a soup with a bit of broth. So simple and delicious!

  6. bethh Says:

    Oooh that’s a tough question. I really like microwaving a sweet potato and sprinkling blue cheese on it, or I’ll make a decadent bowl of popcorn. Roasted Brussels sprouts are another good one though!

  7. Wendy Says:

    A favorite winter dish of mine, although I rarely make it anymore because it’s so rich, is beef stroganoff. It’s a recipe of my mothers that was a favorite of mine growing up, and I serve it over rice rather than noodles. The trick is to marinate the thinly sliced meat overnight in salt and lemon juice and it falls apart beautifully when cooked.

  8. Katy Says:

    I’m all about black bean, pumpkin enchiladas. I often make a single serving with just a few corn tortillas – a real seasonal satisfation. I also love a good pasty – it’s transportable, the ingredient possibilities are endless, and the self-contained serving makes forcing portion control on myself easy! My current fave pasty ingredient combo is sweet potato, ricotta, with leek.

  9. Omie Says:

    I love to make caribbean black bean soup. I just mix together pumpkin puree, black beans, coconut milk, and lime juice. I top the soup with some chopped cilantro! I like to package it into individual servings and then reheat. That way I have lunch taken care of for the week!

  10. Yoong Says:

    Korean curry with sweet potato & rice! MMmmm! And I like shepard’s pie too.

  11. Becky Says:

    I’m a stew girl. Throw beef, potatoes, onions, carrots, bay leaves, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper with curry paste and broth, let sit and call it good. Curl up with your favorite book in front of your fire place (or metal furnace and pretend) and bask in the awesomeness that can be fall.

  12. Sarah Says:

    A sweet treat that’s good for you and you can eat for dinner or dessert – a singleton baked apple. Core a nice tart apple, then stuff with a handful of oatmeal and a small cube of butter. Microwave for a few minutes to soften. Add cinnamon, nutmeg, a bit of brown sugar, and a tad bit more butter, and broil for 3-5 minutes or until bubbly and perfect. Or you can just bake the whole thing at 375 for 30 minutes.

  13. Emily P. Says:

    When the weather gets cooler I start craving warm Korean stews: either kimchi jigae (with kimchi, tofu, and sometimes some pork or tuna) or soondubu jigae (with soft tofu, veggies, meat or seaweed, and an egg). Either dish, served over rice, is pure comfort food to me. You can make just enough for one or a big pot for guests or to have leftovers.

  14. Kristin Says:

    Fancy oatmeal for breakfast! : rolled oats topped with dried currants, good butter, a little milk, and maple syrup (Grade B, of course). Yum!

  15. Liz Crain Says:

    Thank you everyone for all of the tasty comments! Everything sounds so delicious. I’m definitely going to make some of them in upcoming weeks. Soooo my lucky # this time around is 5 and that means that Veronica you’ve won the Cocotte gift certificates! Shoot me an email at info at liz crain dot com with your snail mail and I’ll send you your gift certificates. Congratulations!

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