Cook the Book — The Toro Bravo Cookbook

February 25th, 2013

This is one of my favorite Toro Bravo dishes -- the radicchio salad with tapenade crostini. If I didn't write the cookbook I'd buy it just for these two recipes. Perfect.

Even though we’ve finished testing and editing all of the recipes for The Toro Bravo Cookbook (due out October 1, McSweeney’s) by now, I’ve been cooking them all again at home because they’re delicious and I love them and also because you can never test a recipe too many times and in too many kitchens. This kind of obsessive behavior makes my friends happy since they get to eat more Toro food.

We’re finishing up the essay edits for the cookbook now too so from here on out this project that we’ve been working on for two-plus years is going to look and feel more like an actual book. We’ve gotten some really rough layouts and of course those are amazing. Wouldn’t expect any less from the fine McSweeney’s team. Here’s a little of what you can look forward to cooking and eating from the comfort of your home when the Toro Bravo Cookbook out this fall. Hope all is well!

Toro's tapenade chock full of tarragon, anchovies and red onion...

Toro's salty preserved lemons. They take 6 weeks to cure and mine are halfway there...

I'm going to do a full post on this soon but for now over the holidays my brother and I brewed the Toro Bravo Red (Breakside Brewery + Toro's recipe) in Cincinnati. He and his wife mailed me a couple bottles once it was ready so that we could try it for the first time together.

We toasted and tasted it together via Skype. Delicious!

A little closer...

Toro Bravo's limoncello. Grated my thumb but worth it. Two bottles of limoncello in the freezer!

Vodka and lemon rind combined...

Limoncello wrapped and ready for the wait...

Toro's limoncello strained after 30 days and into the freezer. Been drinking it the past couple nights and it is so good. Lemony goodness.

The Toro Bravo Cookbook: The Making, Breaking and Riding of a Bull (coming soon to a bookstore near you! Publishes Oct. 1st, 2013)

Revel in Portland

February 18th, 2013

Revel in Portland Volume 1 profiles Portlanders including Toro Bravo chef-owner John Gorham.

A few weeks ago I got a complimentary copy of Revel in Portland in the mail since Toro Bravo chef-owner John Gorham is featured in it (we’re currently working on the Toro Bravo Cookbook due out from McSweeney’s Oct. 2013) along with nine other creative folks in Portland including illustrator Carson Ellis, filmmaker Lance Bangs, and architect Jeff Kovel. There’s a Q&A with each person in this pocket-sized book filled with beautiful matte art and photos that’s followed by a descriptive list of their favorite Portland places.

There are three Revel in New York books already and the group is looking to expand with books for Austin, Miami and Los Angeles next year.

It’s a fun, inspiring read that makes me proud to be a Portlander. Although the group hasn’t secured significant distribution yet you can find Revel in Portland at Reading Frenzy, Ampersand, Heart Roasters, Albina Press and you can also purchase it directly via their site.

The Revel team puts it best:

“The Revel In Portland Guidebook is a celebration of the Portlanders who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Artists, chefs, musicians, designers, filmmakers, troublemakers, and our city’s most interesting characters. 10 interviews, pictorials and 72 personal recommendations.”

Revel in Portland, Volume 1

John Gorham's chapter in Revel in Portland Volume 1.

Friend Food Pt. 6

February 11th, 2013

Went to my friend Chris and Karen's a couple weeks ago for a sauna and their friend Paul Yonchek (he photographed a couple of Caprial Pence's cookbooks) made these tasty pretzel breads with mustard for everyone. So good!

I have incredible friends and family and we give each other a lot of love with food and drink. I started this blog series a while back to chronicle that. Here are some of the tasty things that I’ve gotten to be involved in with friends or have been given by friends lately…

Debbie gave me a big bag of delicious Green Salmon Coffee, from Yachats, to brew and fill my new mug withfor Christmas.

Several weeks ago my friends Chris and Karen invited me over for dinner and we made buttternut squash and chevre raviolis. So good.

What dinner looked like that night.

My friend Loly made peppermint schnapps and Kahlua for the holidays and I was lucky enough to get both!

My brother and sister-in-law gave me this mug with my nieces on it when I went home to Cincinnati for Christmas this year. It makes me happy.

My neighbor and friend Chris made a batch of this tasty raspberry jam and I got some.

And his girlfriend and my good friend Alison has been giving me eggs from her hens for years. I love my neighbors so much.

My friend Michelle and her daughter Kylie and I making beet salad.

My friend Emily gave me this jar of rendered pork fat from a class that she took recently at Portland Meat Collective.

And just so you know that the gifting goes both ways -- here are most of the edible gifts that I gave to loved ones over the holidays.

Friend Food Pt. 5
Friend Food Pt. 4
Friend Food Pt. 3
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Friend Food Pt. 1

Portland Zagat Guide Giveaway Winner!

February 4th, 2013

Since we didn’t get to #5 the closest #4 is the winner. Congratulations Mr. S. I’ll be in touch about your winning copy of Portland’s first very own Zagat Guide. Thanks for all of your comments. I’m looking forward to checking out some of those brunches. Happy Monday!

Portland Zagat Guide 2013