Yard Fresh Pt. 28

August 22nd, 2013

I've been making this rhubarb syrup the past few years with rhubarb from the front yard and it always turns out great. I mixed it with margaritas and also used it with my new favorite kitchen gadget below.

I’m still enjoying this incredible summer as much as possible (trips to the river, plum wine, dancing, reading, camping and much more) and working less than usual before the Toro Bravo cookbook storm hits. Right now we’re in the planning stages for the tour that commences in one short month. (You can pre-order the cookbook now from Powell’s and Amazon.) We’ll be heading to New York, DC, Baltimore, San Francisco, Seattle, Boise and Eugene this fall for the book! I’ll post more details about that soon as well as about the cookbook launch party. For now, save the date for it — the evening of Tuesday, October 15th at Toro Bravo. If you’ve never been to a Toro party before expect to stay late and party hard. It’s going to be crazy fun.

The garden is growing and in full swing and mostly I’m getting a lot of tomatoes which are my favorite in the summer. I could eat them for just about every meal — in a scramble for breakfast, sliced with a little salt on toasted bread with mayo for lunch, chips and salsa for a snack, in a sauce or saute for dinner. I never get sick of garden fresh summer tomatoes. I also have pickling cukes, green beans, zucchini, grapes and all the herbs and more going strong now. Life is good.

Here’s some of what I’ve cooked and eaten lately. What have you been happily eating?

I've wanted one of these for awhile and now I finally have one! Fizzy water around the clock. Mostly I just drink it straight up but it was pretty tasty with the rhubarb syrup.

Harvested the 90 or so softnecks and left it to cure a little too long. Pretty dry but that's ok. I think I'll roast some and store it in oil.

Butter lettuce, Choi's white kimchi (homemade), boiled egg, radish, scallions and miso lime vinaigrette. Really good salad.

First tomato haul with some of the early Concords.

River snack. Cottage cheese, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Simple and perfect.

Late night camping trip bar prep of gingery Bloody Mary mix and margarita mix made with two bags of limes.

Backyard tomato plants.

Sweet pea tomatoes or, as Kylie likes to call them...TINY TOMATOES!

Salame rolls with chipotle, preserved lemon cream cheese and a cornichon topper.

First spicy garlic dills of the season! Many more to come.

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