Breakfast in Bridgetown 2.0

March 8th, 2011

Second serving of Paul Gerald's Breakfast in Bridgetown!

It’s taken me far too long to post about Paul Gerald’s second edition of Breakfast in Bridgetown. (So long, in fact, that there’s even a nifty new iPhone app. available for all of you iphony folks. No insult intended, well only a minor insult, with the “phony” part.) I think I’ll liken the lack of a blog post about Paul’s newest edition to not giving enough appreciation to what’s in your backyard. Except in this case backyard is substituted with writing studio.

Paul and I share a writing studio in Northwest Portland these days and maybe because I get to see him so often and ask him all sorts of breakfasty questions on a regular basis I haven’t appreciated the fact that you all do not enjoy the same privileges.

Breakfast in Bridgetown 2.0 is bigger, better and full of all sorts of great PDX breakfast suggestions ranging from new food cart and ethnic eats sections (thanks to Brett Burmeister and Nick Zukin for those) to the tried and true 100+ restaurant reviews — some that you know about and frequent and others that you don’t. It’s a great book and if you don’t have it already I highly recommend it.

Paul has been on the airwaves talking with Laura McCandlish on her KBOO Food Show lately if you want to hear his up-to-the-minute thoughts on local breakfast foodstuffs. They recently chatted about New Orleans cajun breakfast/brunch and where to find it in Portland.

I first met Paul when he invited me onto his RIP radio show. Check out recordings of all of Paul’s past Breakfast in Bridgetown radio shows — interviews with John Gorham, Nick Zukin, David Machado and others — over at his website.

Paul Gerald talking to guests at Breakfast in Bridgetown's 2nd edition release party in December at Cafe Nell.