Vij’s Cookbook Pt. 2

April 16th, 2012

We had good friends over for this one -- Vij's lamb curry. It was really tasty and we will definitely be making it again.

I first wrote about Vij’s cookbook — Vij’s Elegant and Inspired Indian Cuisine — here in late December. At that point I’d cooked a few tasty dishes from it (love their Vancouver, B.C. restaurant so much) and just about licked the plate clean with every one. Since then I’ve cooked some more from it and I’m sharing some of that here with you.

I don’t often cook so much from any one cookbook in such a short amount of time but this one never lets you down and I’ve learned so much. I also happen to love Indian cuisine and haven’t found too much of it in Portland to be honest that hits the spot. (Although I’m really looking forward to checking out the newly opened Bollywood Theater.) If you love Indian food as much as I do I recommend checking out this book.

We served the Vij lamb curry with this quick cabbage curry with mustard seeds that still had a lot of crunch and flavor to it and was really tasty.

I went ahead and bought a twenty pound sack of basmati from Fiji Emporium on North Interstate Ave. since I cooked a lot of Indian food over the winter and early spring.

I've been bulking up on my Indian spices as well...

This simple vegetable curry was really tasty with raita and black chickpea curry.

We make a lot of the Vij chai now too. It's a simple one with green cardamom and fennel.

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Vij’s Elegant and Inspired Indian Cuisine